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Our Mission Statement

To be a national organisation providing multiple hire solutions: one that understands our clients’ needs in depth and is ready to adapt to their changing needs in the market at any time. We will do this by superior knowledge, integrated systems and operational effectiveness.

In order for us to provide our customers an unrivalled services, we recognise the need to engage and support all of our staff, to ensure they have the necessary skills to do what is being asked of them. Our people share our vision and spirit.

We get it right the first time, every time and always in a safe and responsible way.

We never compromise on a first class service, we deliver what we promise.

Everything we do reflects on all areas of our company that is why we endeavour to create lasting relationships with customers based on exceptional service which makes their operations more productive. We strive for excellence, we continual challenge the way things are done and look for innovative solutions and new ideas for improvement.

Regardless of what happens at Scott’s, one thing that has never or will never alter is our spirit. It represents a powerful set of principles that define our people and our business, and underpins our “can do culture”.

Contact us today on 01270 766421 to find out how we can help.


Scott’s Hire Ltd
Arclid Green Industrial Estate,
Hemmingshaw Lane,
CW11 4SY

T: 01270 766 421
F: 01270 768 912

Scott’s Hire Solutions

We offer a wide range of plant hire products and services, plus a whole lot more.