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Terex 1T Dumper

Engineered Strength,
Performance & Reliability

1 Ton Dumpers

Terex has put all their know-how into making the TA1 an ultimate example of the Mini Dumper. It’s tough, it’s strong and it’s adaptable…

That 1.5m discharge height means the Terex HD 1000 can tip into a standard height skip. While its narrow build means it can get through a 1m doorway with ease. So this is the machine to choose for all those restricted spaces jobs.

And because it’s been built tough, it’s ready for a challenge. It’s a highly stable machine; that high ground clearance means it can cope with all sorts of working conditions. So it’ll go where other Mini Dumpers won’t go. It’ll manage the tough jobs and the tough conditions.

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Telex 1T (1 Ton Dumper)

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