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With the power and the capacity to match higher-end excavators, the Kubota KX016-4 Mini excavator can work anywhere, from roadsides and restricted-space sites to large scale construction sites. We choose to add Kubota to our fleet of excavators after being impressed by demo machines we received and the great feedback we got of our customers who trialled them for us. Easily maintained and highly reliable Kubota’s are making a big impact on the industry. We choose to buy both cabbed and canopy machines to accomodate for our customers differing requirements. The first of the slightly larger U20 Kubota also arrived which is praised for having all the power of a larger machine but a lower operating weight makes it ideal for towing! We have plenty left in stock after buying 10 cabbed and 10 canopy with 10 more U20’s to arrive shortly so please call to be the first person to hire.

KX016 stats

Weight: Cabin 1540kg / Canopy 1490kg
Engine: Water-cooled diesel engine E-TVCS
Max Dig Depth: 2250mm
Overall length: 3710mm
Overall height: 2350mm
Engine output: 9.6Kw

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